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Why Join NFA?

AAUP RedBook imageA strong NFA chapter of the American Association of University Professors helps ward off faculty workplace problems by establishing the visible presence of a group known since 1915 for its diligence and vigilance. Nationally, for more than a century, the AAUP has promoted and protected faculty interests. Tenure, due process, academic freedom, and shared college governance are higher education employee rights that have been nurtured and strengthened by its activities. Although some AAUP affiliates have negotiated collective bargaining agreements with their colleges and universities, including the Truckee Meadows and Western Nevada chapters of NFA, NFA/AAUP is not a labor union; it is an advocacy organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the integrity of the faculty profession at NSHE institutions. In many respects, if you are a CSN faculty member, NFA is as vital to your professional existence as is any professional discipline organization to its members.    

Membership in NFA puts you in consultation with colleagues at the national, state, and local campus levels who can help you keep the fairness, freedom, and safety rights you already have as a faculty member. Your membership tells everyone that you care enough for your profession to stand up for its rights and to stand with your colleagues to preserve those rights. Your elected leaders of your CSN Chapter of NFA are concerned with those issues that are important to you. Please never hesitate to call upon your chapter board or bring your concerns or suggestions to a monthly meeting. It’s our combined efforts uniting in one voice that makes a beneficial difference for us all.

Being a member of NFA is not just the smart thing to do, it’s the right thing to do.

Robert Manis,Ph.D.,

Jennifer Nelson, Ph.D.,
Vice President

Geoffrey Frasz, Ph.D.,
Chair Legal Defense

David Wangsgard, Ph.D.,
Chair Membership

Adrian Havas, M.A.,M.Sc.,
Chair Collective Bargaining

Arnold "AB" Bell, M.S.,

Andrea Brown, Ph.D.,


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Why Support NFA-PAC?

Our State NFA Political Action Committee screens and interviews candidates for the NSHE Board of Regents, state senate, and state assembly before endorsing those who support higher education and NSHE faculty. PAC contributions are separate from regular membership dues, and all members benefit when our endorsements strengthen political relationships that allow our voices to be heard on issues affecting our salaries, working conditions, retirement and health benefits as well as other legislative proposals of interest to Nevada's public colleges and universities. If you are already contributing to the NFA PAC, thank you. 

The 2016 election cycle is beginning, and the 2017 legislative session is just around the corner. We need volunteers to serve on NFA's Southern PAC committee! If you enjoy local and state politics and can commit to participate in the significant number of interviews conducted with candidates for the Board of Regents and the state legislature, you might join the Southern Nevada PAC team. Please contact our chapter president Rob Manis for more information. 


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